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Freeze! 8 Essential Winter Home Maintenance Tips That’ll Save You Big-Time

  • January 13, 2020
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Freeze! 8 Essential Winter Home Maintenance Tips That’ll Save You Big-Time

Home maintenance in the winter? Just because the flurries may be drifting all over the yard and temps are dipping perilously close to the freezing mark, it doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do indoors to keep your home in peak condition.

Your top tasks for winter home maintenance varies depending on where you live, but we spoke with experts from all over the country to bring you this definitive list of items you definitely shouldn’t overlook.

We’re talking about the maintenance must-do’s—the ones that will save you money on your energy bill, plus the cost of any expensive repairs down the road. Some are definite DIY projects, others require some professional help. Either way, it’s time to get cracking at this list before the next winter storm hits.

1. Weatherproof your windows to save on heating

2. Avoid water damage with a roof inspection

3. Sweep out the ol’ chimney of toxic debris

4. Trim back trees that pose a fall risk

5. Test your sump pump (before flooding season)

6. Avoid bursting pipes when temperatures go low

7. Reverse ceiling fans to stay warm

8. Protect your floors from winter grime

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